Current shaft winner Tom Holtgrave (Right)  with 2017 president, John Gibbons (left)

Current shaft winner Tom Holtgrave (Right)  with 2017 president, John Gibbons (left)

The Shaft Award

Each year, this award is given to a member of the club who went the extra mile of service to his/her fellow members. This is an honor to receive and the recipient is selected by the president. The traveling award is presented at our annual banquet in January. The recipient is a secret from all until the awards night.

The Shaft Award was created by our long time member, Walt Gaertner in 1979. The base is walnut, with four eagles on the base. The shaft is a chrome Model "A" crank shaft adorned with a flying Quail radiator cap from a 28-29 car. Not sure how much it weights, but it takes 2 persons to carry.

Past Recipients


1979 Ellen Daniels

1980 Phil & Ell Abacchi

1981 Al & Vicki Meier

1982 Jim Flowers

1983 Tim Walsh

1984 Larry Shepard/Rosey Raymo

1985 Jon Wasson

1986 Grant MacLaren

1987 Al Franz

1988 Jim Flowers Family

1989 Terry Oberer

1990 Dave Smith

1991 David Stukenbroeker

1992 Robie Haines

1993 Tom Holtgrave

1994 Gene Cogorno

1995 Jack & Mike Dolde

1996 Rich & Madelen Ellsworth

1997 Robie Haines

1998 Jim Ruth

1999 Grant MacLaren

2000 Bill Langer

2001 Fred & Susan Burk

2002 Jim "Standup" Ruth

2003 Mark Schenberg

2004 David Stukenbroeker

2005 Jeff Buckley

2006 Larry Hassel

2007 Terry Yount

2008 Phil Ierardi

2009 Terry Oberer

2010 Bob and Nell Austin

2011 Phil Ierardi

2012 Sonny and Barb Ketchum

2013 n/a

2014 Rich Dann

2015 Dave Hitt   

2017 Alice & Bert Schott